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    My Credentials

    • Stared and helped produce 3 seasons plus~ 40 episodes total Fusion Grain Cooking on BYU TV.
    • 6 cookbooks from whole grains, gluten free, to pressure cooking.
    • Currently the spokesman for WonderMill / WonderMix products.
    • Host of Chef Brad Cooking Events all over the US Directly in front of the consumer to promote products.
    • Speakes and teaches cooking classes to audiences from ten to eight hundred persons multiple times each year.
    • Passionate, highly motivated Key Note Speaker.
    • Creates hundreds of recipes for his websites, blog, other companies, and brands on a regular basis.
    • Writes all the content for his blog and has written multiple articles for magazines, newspaper, and internet.


    We now also have an in-house photographer to make all our content stand out with fantastic yummy photos.



    “Chef Brad is fabulous. I had the opportunity of hosting a week filled with amazing classes and couldn’t have been more pleased. Brad has a gift to reach people and he does that through his baking. Everyone who comes to a class whether a life long baker or a just a beginner goes away feeling excited to bake and deeper desire to cook healthy food. He is very knowledgeable with all grains, and his love for them is contagious. I have learned so much from delicious pizza using kamut flour, to pickled cabbage, and even kombucha, I know that anyone who attends one of his classes will go away as I do, inspired and grateful for the wonderful grains that we can use to make ourselves healthy. I recently read an article and it said, “education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them. “ Not only have I learned so much I have been able to share that with those in my community and most importantly my family. So thank you Chef Brad!”– Heather Rhoades

    “ My Name is John Hofman Owner of the WonderMill / WonderMix Company , I have known Chef Brad for over 10 years and watched him do and accomplish amazing things, his knowledge and ability to teach along with his rare ability to excite others and inspire them to try his new ideas is so incredible, so when we had the opportunity to hire him as our National Spokesman to represent our amazing products we jumped at that chance ! All I can say is over the years we have tried many ways to promote and educate the public about our Mills and Mixers and Chef Brad has done more for our company and product exposure than anything we have ever tried in the past. People Trust Chef Brad They Want to use What Chef Brad uses And Chef Brad Can Put a shine on any product he believes in like no one else. We Love Chef Brad and if you have the chance to get him to promote your Products you will understand exactly why we are so happy.” –John at the WonderMill Company