Chef Brad started his cooking career as a young boy cooking at home. His mother worked nights and often would leave the ingredients with modest instructions on the refrigerator. Chef Brad remembers her leaving a package of pork chops for dinner with no instructions. Having no clue what to do he boiled them in water. His father was furious when he had to eat boiled pork chops.

At the age of 12 Chef Brad started his culinary career in a local coffee shop, where he worked weekends and summers. He excelled in the job loving the attention he got there that he found nowhere else in his life.

He continued in the food and beverage industry over the next 20 years doing everything from washing dishes, front of the house management, catering, and working as a Chef. His path changed when he took a consulting job in Mesa Arizona at local food storage store. He fell in love with teaching classes, and in the process started his journey with grains.

For the past 20 years Chef Brad has traveled all over America teaching about grains. He has taught thousands about the use and wonders of whole grains. He is an established writer with 6 published cookbooks, filmed 40 cooking shows for the BYU network, and travels extensively doing Chef Brad Events all over the country.

Chef Brad is passionate about what he does and his passion is a huge part of his success.   His style of cooking enables others of actually have the courage to do it.   He is known for his ease and relaxed style of teaching.

Currently Chef Brad is the national spokes person for the Wondermill/Wondermix Company. He chose them for their commitment to quality and costumer service. Chef Brad recently published his newest cookbook, “Baking the Chef Brad Way” and has started his next cookbook, the Magic Soup Pot for pressure cooking.

Chef Brad has been married for 32 years, has five wonderful children, two of whom are married, and 3 amazing grand babies and one grand pup. He lives in Mesa Arizona where he tries gardening, and in his spare time he is writing his first fiction novel.