Summer Breads

Summer Breads

I love bread.  When I was a child we ate bread and butter with every meal.  It was a staple. When we set the table we always had a plate of sliced bread and a dish of butter.  I have to confess we didn’t use butter, we used margarine,  we were poor and it was so affordable.  But that is another story.

My mom made the best white bread ever.  We had it for sandwiches, toast, bread and milk, and just bread and butter.   It was so good.  I wonder if this generation today ever had the experience of bread and milk.   Just in case you have no idea, it was a bowl filled with a torn up slice of bread and topped of with cold milk.  We always had a chunk of cheese and green onions.  It was sublime in so many ways.

Sandwich bread is a staple in America.  We love our breads.  Other countries, infact every country has it’s breads.  From torillas to biscuits,  rolls to flat breads, every country has its bread that is a staple eaten with almost every meal.  I love discovering other breads and how they are used.  In many countries they use bread instead of forks.  Bread is used to pick up the foods and are dipped in sauces and wrapped around and filled with all kinds of amazing flavorful foods.   Every country on earth has it’s bread.   Bread is a staple and bread is the fastest way to bring up memories and culture.  

If you ever want to get to know someone just ask about bread.  Ask what kind they love and what is the favorite.  Ask what they love to eat with thier bread and put on thier bread.  Ask if thier mom ever baked bread of if grandma did.  We all have our favorite bread stories.  I hope you are greating them for your family and friends.   

Summer time is often a hard time to stop baking breads.  I love baking, but heating up the house is not a good idea.  When I lived in Arizona I really had to be committed to baking bread.  And I really looked forward to the cooler months.  Even in Utah the days are hot so I like to find alteratives to keep the house cool.   Flat breads are just the thing.  I can cook them in a hot skillet and be done in minutes verses a couple of hours of a hot oven in my kitchen.  Flat breads are amazing.  When cooked on a cast iron skillet they taste fantastic and go with anything.  Infact this last Sunday I did a pot roast in the Pressure Cooker, keeping the kitchen cool, and served it with this flat bread.  It was my families favorite part of the meal.  It was amazing soaking up gravy and potatoes.  I totally cleaned my plate off with the flat bread.  

It’s always great fun to try new recipe and I am sure you will love this one.  

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy 


Flat Breads   Yeast Free 

Typically flat breads are made without yeast and are baked on a cast iron skillet.  Perfect for the summer, not having to heat up the kitchen with the oven for hours.  Flat breads can be topped with anything and can be turned into great sandwiches.   Have fun experimenting with different grains, from spelt to wheat and discover just how wonderful flat breads can be.  I love adding yogurt to the dough.  It really adds to the end result.  

1 1/2 cups cold water

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon agave or pure maple syrup 

1/4 cup greek style yogurt

2 teaspoons salt 

3 teaspoons baking powder

2 cup spelt flour or Einkorn flour

2 to 3 cups clean white flour

Oil or ghee for cooking  

In your mixer add water, oil, agave, yogurt, salt, baking powder, and spelt flour.  Turn on mixer and add flour until dough cleans sides of the bowl.   Mix for 5 minutes and remove and cover in bowl for about 10 minutes.   Divide dough into 12 equal parts and form into balls.  Roll out into circles and cook on hot griddle about 2 minutes on each side.