Spring Cleaning/The Cleanse

I am a believer in seasonal cleaning.   We go through changes in our bodes, homes, and gardens. Spring cleaning has been an item for centeries.   Years ago  in the spring, carpets were dragged out of the house after long cold winter months to be hung and beaten on the line.  All the buildup from indoor cooking fires and just being shut in made it esential to do a major Spring Cleaning.  

Spring Cleaning also applies to your body.  Many don’t exercise as much and are not outdoors as much in the cold winter months and after all the major winter holidays, we need a good solid Spring Cleaning.  And add Covid to the mix and wow we need it more than ever.  

I have done body Spring Cleanings for a long time and I love the feeling of starting over in a cleaner new body at least twice a year.  It is an amazing experience for me to just take a break from foods and do a good cleanse.  I feel better and I actually loose weight, but that isn’t the entire motivation for me.  I love how my body feel and the biggest thing for me is that it gets me back on track for eating better and breaking winter sugar addictions and other bad food habits developed over time.   

I shot for a week and sometimes I have gone longer and sometimes I have gone shorter.  It just depends on what my body is telling me.  I know when it’s time to stop and adjust.  But no matter how long my cleanse lasts I know my body and spirit are improved with the process.   You might have the question of how does that apply to the spirit.  It is discipline, and any time we take control of the natural man our spirits benefit and grow stronger.  So for me it is a spiritual and physical and actually mental and emotionally healing.  

Spring Cleaning is amazing in all areas of our lives.   Here is my outline.  Please feel free to listen to your own personal intuition own how to best adjust for you personally.   After all it’s your body and your body knows what it needs for a Spring Cleaning.  

I make a lemonade brew that I drink all day long and I start the day with a green smoothie and if I am really feeling it I do a coffee essential oil cleanse.   Very little work, but the benefits are amazing.  This past Spring Cleaning I dropped 14 lbs in one week.  It doesn’t always work that way for me.  Sometimes I have only lost a couple of pounds.  I realize I will probably gain part back, I don’t do it for the weight loss although it is a great side benefit.  

When I Spring Clean I take special notice of what my body is doing.   And especially when I start eating normal again.  Anything that is inflamitory I try to avoid.   When you start paying attention you will learn quickly what foods efffect your own personal body the worst.  It’s not the same for everyone so don’t compare your experience with mine or others.  It’s your own personal body and  designed for you to figure out.  

One of my favorite teaching tools is teaching to Learn to Listen.  Meaning tune into what your body is telling you and what your own personal needs are.  There are foods that I absolutely adore, but cannot enjoy because over the years I have learned what my body does and does not like.  

Have you ever gone out to eat and came home feeling horrible, bloated, stuffed up, itchy, constipated, etc.  And yes soon you find yourself right back there doing the same thing over and over again.   After all your taste  buds love it.  Don’t let your taste buds rule your senses completly.   Use common sense and self control and you will enjoy the experience so much more.  

So back to the Spring Cleaning.  This is my protocal.   I make one gallon of Cleansing Juice.  I try to drink as much as possible each day.  I than make a green smoothie to start each day.  That is all I eat or drink for as long as I can.  As many days as I can.  I always seem to know when I need to stop.   The first day is the hardest.  I think it’s the emotional bond I have with food.  It seems to get easier every day.   By the second and third day I really am not hungry and I feel great.  

Another part of the cleanse I have added later in life is a coffee essential oils cleanse.  I will explain that with the recipe.   It really does up the detox process.  This past cleanse I actually struggled with my own body order.  The detox was powerful.  First time I have ever had that strong of an experience.   It was amazing.  Not the smell, the detox.  

The final part of the cleanse is I take a couple of tablespoons physillum husk with a class of water each night before bedtime to add cleaning fiber to help detox.  It all works well and is all I can tell you is be true to what your body is telling you.  My body was screaming Spring Clean.  So I listened and am so grateful.  As to all the parts of the routine I have, you do what works for you.  Of course the colon cleanse if perhaps the worst part, but I suffer through it because it seems combined with the other parts to offer the greatest detox.  All together it really does effect all parts of your body.  Again I cannot tell you how important it is to listen to what your body is telling you.   LEARN TO LISTEN.   No one knows your body like you do.  I have this belief that part of the God given gift of intuition is to help us maintian strong bodies.  God would not have sent us here to just figure it out without some form of guidance and direction.  LEARN TO LISTEN.   

Enjoy the process C

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy

P.S.  And when you are done don’t forget to eat whole grains.  They are high in fiber and actually help you keep your body clean and detoxed.    CB


The Cleansing Juice

1 gallon container    Place all ingredients in the gallon pitcher the night before you start.  I try to keep a day ahead during the cleanse.  I try to drink a whole gallon but don’t always make it each day.  So I finish the one gallon before starting the new one.  I love drinking it over ice.  

1 cup fresh lemon juice     Lemon juice is a natural diaretic cleaning the entire body 

1/2 to one cup pure maple syrup    Maple syrup is full of so many nutrients that sustain you 

1/3 cup chia seed    Chia seed is filled with essential fatty acids and chia actually restored the colon wall 

1 to 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper   To taste    Cayenne pepper works on a molecular level to detox cells 

The Morning Smoothie 

For the smooth I use my Vita Mix blender.   I pack it full and drink beverage until it is gone.  It might take a couple of hours but I finish it off. 

Fresh Kale  Half a blender

1 cup frozen fruit

1 whole apple 

1 halo oranges, skin and all

1 banana

2 cup ice

tablespoon maple syrup if needed 

1 tablespoon Flax oil 

Blend well and drink 

The Coffee Cleanse 

1/3 cup organic ground coffee

2 quarts water, clean

4 drops lemon grass essential oil

4 drops clove essential oil

Bring 1/2 quart of water to boil.  Pour over coffee ground in a container.   Let brew for 5 to 10 minutes.  Strain through a fin mesh strainer into a large pitcher.   And remaining water keeping temperature at about 110 degrees.   Place in a 2 quart enema bag.  Fill bath tub with a couple of inches of hot comfortable water.   Hang bag from curtain rod and lying on your back insert enema tub lubricated with coconut oil into rectum.   Allow contents to drain, taking it in parts if needed.  Remove tub end and Hold for 15 minutes up to 45 minutes.  WIth great care stand and drain in toilet.  Allow time for this to happen.  Enjoy.