Creating a Beverage Station

Creating a Beverage Station

Beverages stations can be a wonderful addition to any home. It can be a become a tool to gather and entertain others. It can be something to bring comfort on cold winter days and hot summer months. It can be healthy and delicious. It can be simple or extravagant.

The first thing to consider is a place out of the way, but in the way. Meaning if it is to far out it won’t be of much use. It serves best when it is central to where you gather.

The second thing to consider is the time of the year. Although in some places and in some cultures hot beverages are good anytime of the year. Taking that into consideration helps you realize what you might stock your station with.

My station sits in an alcove where it is out of the way, yet right in the middle of everything. It makes it acceable to all and creates a wonderful experience for members of the home and visitors.

I make my own syrups for my beverage bar. I do have some commercial ones on hand, but mostly I make my own. They are easy to make and not packed with sugar and artifical ingredients.

I like to have fun things, like different size marshmallows, cookie stir sticks, cinnamon, a large variety of teas and hot chocolate packages. It always changes depending on what I find in the stores and what my moods are.

I do use both disposible and regular mugs. I find for house guest that washable mugs are best, but when I have visitors or tons of people over I use disposible. You can find them at restuarant supply places or on Amazon for a really good price. Of course washable are going to save you money and work well. If my guest are going to wander the house I do prefer disposible with lids.

I love the electic hot water kettles. They are amazing. So easy and it can set right in the station. I found my at Target, they are sold anywhere kitchen electrics are sold. You simply push a button and it heats the water. It turns off when the water is hot. There are more complicated ones, but the simple ones work really well.

Creating a Beverage Station is easy to do. I also purchased a rack for my cups, spoons, etc. I was able to choose from Amazon one that would work well for the size of my station. They have smaller and larger.

Anything that creates community in your homes and connection is well worth the effort. Some of my best memories this year has been having my grand children line up and enjoy cups of coco. Memories of Gathering around with friends enjoying a cup of something hot, and me just sipping a cup of hot something on a cold winter morning.

Just remember that sometimes it gets messy, but any mess is worth the memories created.

Enjoy. Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy