Tex Mex Taste of Summer

Tex Mex   Taste of Summer

I love Salsa.   I am from Arizona and love salsa’s.   Many of my friends are from Mexico or South America and over the years they have taught me many things about how different salsas can be and how creative one can be in making salsa,   from peanut salsa’s to hot firey salsas.  I love salsa.  

I do have to confess that I am not fond of salsa that is so hot you can’t taste the flavors.  I really love hot, but I really enjoy heat that does not destory the suttle flavors of salsas.  I have eaten salsa so hot I thought I would die and on the other hand I have eaten salsas that resembled canned crushed tomatoes, totally bland and without flavor.  

Everyone is at a different heat level.  Some like it so hot it burns, most like it hot with out burning and many like it warm, with just a hint of heat.  Most in Arizona like some heat, but most in Utah like it really mild.   I had to adjust to that when I got here.  I have accustumed myself to the mild, but I do not enjoy mild without flavor.  

Salsa should be an adventure for your taste buds.  It should excite and delight at the same time.  You should want more and more and each chip with salsa should be a culinary experience.  

Tex Mex is usually mild.  At first I didn’t like it, but after time I have really come to enjoy the suttle flavors and mild heat.   I love how simple it is to make.  The ingredients are so simple and the end result is amazing. 

So here is my recipe for Tex Mex style salsa.  When I make a batch I usually bottle most of it.  It is really easy to bottle and when I bottle it I have the taste of summer all winter long.

Tex Mex Salsa 

2 to 3 lbs. fresh tomatoes, cut in half 

3 to 6 seeded jalapeños 

2 medium onions cut in half 

6 garlic cloves peeled

1/4 cup olive oil 

Salt to taste 

2 bunches of Cilantro

Preheat oven broiler on high.  On a large jelly roll pan place all vegetables skin side up for jalapeños and tomatoes.   Place under broiler and cooked until vegetables start to turn black.  Remove from oven.  Place in blender, in batches if you need to the cooked ingredients adding the cilantro.  Chop, pulse, do not over blend.  Place in bowl and add olive oil and salt to taste. 

This is a great salsa to bottle.  So easy.  Place prepared salsa in cleaned jars.  Top with lids and cooking on high pressure with a trivet and one cup on water for 15 minutes.  Natural release method works best.  

With bottling this you will have the fresh taste of summer all winter long.