Rediscover Sauerkraut

Rediscover Sauerkraut

Some foods bring back so many memories.  When I was growing up we ate things like canned spinach, liver and onions, and sauerkraut.   And we all loved it.  It was part of life.  So many of the food we used to eat are making a comeback.  And Sauerkraut is one of them.  

The big reason Sauerkraut is coming back into popularity is that we have learned just how good it is for the body.   It is packed with probiotics as most fermented foods are.  Fermented foods are really in right now and more and more of us are getting in tune with what our bodies really need.  Fermented foods are really good for us.  

Did you know that cabbage is a high fiber food and when it is fermented it produces huge broad spectrum of good bacteria.  Good bacteria is crucial for healthy guts and greatly aids in elimination of bad things in the body and colon.   They say that 75% of our immune system relies on our gut health.  Healthy gut healthy body.  

Inflammation is the bodies response to harmful stimuli.  Eating foods rich in probiotics greatly reduces inflammation.  Giving the body what it needs to fight against the harmful stimuli we take in.  We feel better when our guts are filled with healthy bacteria.  From gut health to weight loss, from heart health to mental health, having a healthy gut is one of the most important things we can do to insure optimal health.  

Making Sauerkraut is easy.  And to be honest so much better than the stuff I loved and ate as a child.  It is addictive and with each bite I just think about how much my body needs it.   

Who doesn’t love a brats in a homemade bun with homemade mustard and homemade Sauerkraut?  I for one consider that one of the best comfort foods there is.  

There are so many benefits of eating sauerkraut from weight loss to bone health.  Did you know that your brain and digestive system are closing connected.  When you take care of your digestive system you are more alert.  Getting all the good bacteria into out bodies can clear out the brain fog we experience.   Sauerkraut is so good.  I would say it is a must in your dietary routine.  

It is inexpensive to make and easy to make.  I have just done a quick video class you can watch and learn how to make this amazing food.  

Remember,  healthy gut, healthy body, and health brain.  Just an ending thought on making verse buying.  When you buy fermented foods often times they way they process them kills much of the healthy much needed bacteria.  Fresh made is always the best way to go.  

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy


Sauerkraut Recipe

I love fermented foods.  They not only taste great, but they are so good for you.  Packed with good bacteria for your overall health and well being.  Easy to  make and stores well in your refrigerator.   

2 large cabbage heads

1/4 cup celtic salt, Redmonds Salt, or Himalayan Salt 

3 tablespoons caraway seeds

2 tablespoons fresh ground pepper 


Shred cabbage with fine disk in your food processor or hand grate. 

Place in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt. 

Massage with your hands for a few minutes.  Mix in caraway and pepper.  Mix well and place in crock.  If you have crock weights place them on top and add some liquid.  The liquid should touch the crock stones.  The stones keep the cabbage under the liquid to ferment.  Place lid on crock and set aside on counter for two weeks.  

Remove and place in containers with lids until ready to eat and store in the refrigerator.  

Want to watch the video class for this recipe?

Click here to get the class video >>