Savory Onion Rings

Savory Onion Rings

I love a great onion ring. But all to often they are greasy and flavorless. I am talking about the batter. And most often the batter is made with poor quality flour.

Onion rings are the perfect companion food to a great burger. They are easy to make and really make your family or friends feel special. I have made them over the years and have learned a few tricks I want to share with you.

Vadilla onions are really great, but any good yellow onion will work. I never use white flour and your choice of seasoning is up to you. Although with a good whole grain flour and some salt and pepper you should be ready to go.

I live in a somewhat religious community where beer is frowned upon. I got over that long ago. Although I have to say I do not like the taste of beer and never could become a beer drinker, it does have it’s place in the culinary world. From pizza dough to brining meats it works really well and onions rings are the best when beer is used in the batter.

If you are opposed to using beer you can use a near beer that is alcohol free. (available in all beer sections of the grocery store) It will do the same thing. It really makes the onion rings crispy and fluffy.

Most often onion rings are fried in cheap oils that are soaked up into the batter making them greasy and dense. I use naturally refined coconut oil by the Betterbody Company. It is so amazing for frying. The coconut flavor is removed naturally and it makes for a wonderful fry. This amazing oil can handle the high temperatures and I have found that it works as well as Crisco does without being hydrogenated. So if you are going to fry, it is a great choice. And I reuse my oil for a few times before discarding it.

The other consideration is the flour used in making onion rings. As I mentioned I never use white flour. I do not like how it is flavorless when compared to the nutty flavor you can get with whole grain flours. Spelt flour or Einkorn flours would be my first choices of a whole grain flour for onions rings. They are nutty and are light so you get a crispy wonderful onion ring. I also use my WonderFlour blend to make them. It is amazing with the brown rice flour in it that compares to tempura like texture.

Onion Rings Recipe

2 large sweet Onions, sliced 1/2 inch thick remove dark brown skin

12 oz Beer,  dark ale works well 

2 cups Whole Grain Flour

2 cups buttermilk

2 teaspoons each of salt and pepper

4 cups oil for frying

Cut onions and soak in buttermilk for one hour.  Remove and toss with one cup of flour.  In separate bowl place one cup flour and beer.  Whisk adding more flour if needed.  It should be a thick pancake like texture.  Dip floured onion rings in to beer batter and fry in hot oil.  Remove when golden brown and finish off with parmesan cheese if desired.