Handling Change

Handling Change
My Basement Bakery

We are living in changing times. I have been in the Food and Beverage arena for most of my life and I have enjoyed watching how it changes and flows. Like a river, some times it ebbs along and other times it’s dangerous and hard to navigate. We are in the hard to navigate time. Many are lost and wonder how to manage the strong and difficult currents.

Many have been have been taught to be prepared, but sometimes no amount of preparation can prepare one for what is to come. We are there now. This is new to this generation and has taken us by surprise.

My hope is that we are discovering our kitchens again. Would not that be a wonderful thing. We as a culture have become so dependent on others cooking our foods that we have forgotten just how amazing it can be to be home bound and have to cook our own foods.

This just might be a wake up call to us. A hard reminder of how much can be gained when we are at home gathered around the table without all the distractions of prepared fast foods. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for restaurants in our culture, but we connect more around the dinner tables in homes where the foods are cooked with love and concern.

My other hope is that many will discover how cool the mixer and mills they bought but never use are. Pulling out that mixer and making a batch of homemade bread can be a spiritual experience for those that have the courage to do it. And if you don’t have a mixer or mill now just might be a good time to purchase one and learn how to use it. Baking bread is the ultimate comfort for those doing it and those who enjoy the smell of baking bread and the taste of fresh baked breads. Nothing can compare to fresh baked bread.

I have been able to travel all over teaching many how to make bread and the stories that come back to me often times bring tears to my eyes. Families are blessed when bread is baked.

I am dealing with the change. It has been a challenge. The good part is that I live what I teach. I don’t eat out a lot and make most of what we eat is cooked from scratch. I have grains on hand and the basics and bake bread often.

My greatest challenge is my career is completely at a halt right now. So I decided to open up a Basement Bakery. It’s amazing. I get to do what I love and hopefully I will be able to pay my bills doing it. I will keep you posted on how it is going.

The best way to handle change is to be open to change. Be open to different possibilities and opportunities. Be ready to adjust and correct and move on. Be open to what you might learn right now in this moment. I am learning that I can have a bakery in my basement. It’s amazing. And I am sure there is much more to learn.

I will be praying that you to are open up to what you might learn about yourself, feeding those around you, and baking bread.

Enjoy the journey Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy