Pressure Cooking/Instant Pot Quick Meals Cooking Formula

Pressure Cooking/Instant Pot Quick Meals Cooking Formula

(Pasta Meals are fast and wonderful in Electric Pressure Cookers)

Pressure Cooking is one of my favorite ways to cook. Today’s pressure cookers/instant pots are fast and easy, making creating wonderful meal a cinch. Foods come out tasting better then ever and with minimal results.

I feel in love with Electric pressure cookers years ago. I have been teaching cooking classes for years and was one of the very first to become really educated about them. From stove top that scared me to death in the beginning to today’s fast and SAFE cookers I still am passionate about what they can do for us in the kitchen.

Pressure forces the flavors to come out and be more intense. Unlike the crock pots that leave food wanting, today’s electric pots can make a huge difference is the quality of the food we prepare. I do not own a crock pot. No need when I can cook a roast under one hour compared to 6 to 12 hours in the crock pot. They have their place, but I still don’t know where.

Think about it for a moment. Most crock pot meals are flavorless and if your forget to get it going you are out of luck. You can literally decide to cook beans for dinner and have them ready in under one hour from start to finish without soaking them. This works for beans that you might have had stored under your bed for years. Electric Pressure Cookers are amazing.

I have used almost every model out there from the Instant Pot to what I currently use. Most do a good job, but as in all things pressure cookers and instant pots are not all created equal. Instant Pot has done an amazing job in marketing pressure cookers. And yes, Instant Pot is a pressure cooker. But it is not the only Instant Pot out there. All electric pressure cookers are instant pots. They all do basically the same thing, Cook Foods Quickly. That is why we love them.

I have to laugh at all the people I have taught over the years about pressure cooking and they ask me if I have tried an Instant Pot yet. Perhaps I am not that good of a teacher after all.

I have created a formula for pressure cookers/instant pots. It is amazing and really makes cooking dinner fast and easy. The formula allows you to create your dinner in a pot with what you desire. It can be made hundreds of ways. The great thing is that you can literally have dinner done under 30 minutes from start to finish.

I have used this Formula for a long time now and it is my go to for fixing dinner. I love the variety I can get and how much my family loves the end results. It saves me time and effort and I am always happy with the end results.

I love this electric pressure cooker.

Formula for Pressure Cooker Meals

These recipes are made for the electric pressure cooker only.  And can be changed for into an endless variety of meals.  It’s like a casserole but done in minutes in your pressure cooker.

1 pound uncooked pasta, your choice 

48 oz liquid,  Jar Spaghetti sauce,  canned soup, canned tomatoes, Etc, 

Vegetable,  baby carrots, corn, peas, olives, etc  Freeze dried work well.

Oil, olive, avocado, etc

1 lb. of Meat,  sausage, chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, etc, chopped and sautéed

Grains,  I use grains that will cook in 6 minutes,  quinoas, amaranth, teff, chia, sweet small brown rice, etc.  ½ cup to 1 cup works great

Salt and Seasoning.  Your choice of seasoning.  I use one to two tablespoons 

Water to cover ingredients in pressure cooker

With this basic formula, you can create wonderful recipes in minutes.  Be creative.  

The trick is to make sure whatever liquid you are using covers all ingredient in pressure cooker.  

I always add cheese after the cooking process is over.  Add cheese and replace lid for a couple of minutes.  Or top with the Mealthy crisper lid to brown the cheese.   These meals warm up great the next day in the pressure cooker.  Just remove the insert and store in the frig.  Next day replace insert and hit the keep warm button.  Warms up wonderfully.