Let’s Talk about Entertaining

Let’s Talk about Entertaining

I really want to talk about Entertaining. It feel it is becoming a lost art. We are just to busy and don’t want the hassle that comes with Entertaining. The mess, the cost, the time, just the frustrations of not knowing how to do it. I am going to start posting Entertainment Blogs. Teaching you all about how to avoid the mess, the cost, and time issues. From basic to large groups, I feel you will love what you will learn.

My family is used to me having a home full of people. Many of you know or have read about my years of Third Sunday Dinners. What a wonderful learning experience those years were. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I have done, but also one of the most rewarding and educational.

Third Sunday Dinners started in our home with the desire to get to know new neighbors and people in our community and church. It started out every other week we would invite friends over. That got to be to much so I decided to do it once a month on the Third Sunday. Hence the tradition of Third Sunday Dinners were started.

It started out small and grew to huge numbers. Sometimes over 200 persons would be in our back yard, kitchen, living room, and just about everywhere in our home. We did just about everything you can imagine for food, from Indian Fry Bread to smoked turkeys and even bear tacos and moose meat. I never really knew how many would show up, but we never ran out of food, not once in 8 years.

Over the years I got to know so many in our community. From the homeless to the out of town visitors that would call and ask if they could come and experience a Third Sunday Dinner. It was amazing and I have so many cherished memories of feeding and getting to know people.

Cooking together creates connection.

Here are some of the things I learned from my Third Sunday Dinner Experience.

What goes out the front door always comes back in through the back door.

The size of your home does not matter. (My home in Arizona was about 1500 square feet on a good day)

The mess is always, always worth the effort.

Everyone is seeking to belong and to be and feel needed by others.

Food creates Connection, Community, and thus opens the doors for Communication.

Since my Third Sunday Dinner days I am always looking for ways to Entertain. I am completely convinced Entertaining in our homes is one of the very best ways to develop meaningful friendships and relationships with family, friends, and members of our communities. It does create connection and community and thus opens the doors for better communication and understanding. Often we opt for the easy way out and in the process we miss out. We miss out on important opportunities that can bless our lives and the lives of so many around us.

So join me as I prepare to teach you what I have learned about entertaining. It will be fun and exciting as you take some new steps in your life and open your home up and invite friends, neighbors, family, and strangers in.

Chef Brad~Americas Grain Guy

Cooking together also creates community.