Roasted Garlic Flat Bread

Roasted Garlic Flat Bread

Nothing makes a meal like bread.  I love breads that can be done quickly and yet totally rock the taste buds and make the entire meal an experience.  Fresh baked bread makes any meal a gourmet experience.  Even a simple soup meal can become an unforgettable experience with fresh baked bread.  

Fresh baked breads are amazing and really easy.  Often times we don’t add breads because we don’t want to go to the effort of making them.  We opt for the easy way and often it is good, but not near as good as taking a few moments to bake fresh breads.  I love flat breads,  flat breads or focaccia breads are mine and my families favorite.  They are really amazing and the possibilities are endless.  

And with a flat bread you can cut the time down by baking it on a hot pizza stone.  It bakes in minutes.  From olives, herbs, cheeses, grains, and roasted garlic you can create any variety of flat bread your heart desires.  So in this blog I am doing garlic, but with the basic formula I am giving you take an adventure and see what you can come up with. 

One of the secrets of a good flat bread is olive oil and salt.  A good olive oil drizzled over the bread give it amazing flavor and texture.  I always tell people to not be stingy with the olive oil.  Drizzle it really well and let it bake in.

Salt is essential, not fine table salt but kosher style big flaky salt.  The reason table salt just gets lost in the process and kosher salt stays on top and adds so much to the flavor.  If you just make sure you do both of these tips you will have amazing bread.

Sourdough starter really adds to the texture.  Sourdough starter is like the ultimate dough enhancer.  It really adds and if you don’t own one yet get mine,  it is great and comes with instructions on how to care for it.  

Enjoy your baking.

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy

Roasted Garlic Flat Bread 0r Focaccia 

1 cup sourdough starter

2 cups hot water 

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup sugar or agave

1 tablespoon salt

3 heads of roasted garlic    (2 for the bread dough and one for the topping)

1/2 cup whole grain teff, chia, or quinoa

4 plus clean high gluten white flour

2 tablespoons instant yeast, Saf

In your WonderMix, place the sourdough, hot water, oil, sugar or agave, salt, garlic cloves, squeezed out of the skins, grain and half of the white flour.   Turn on mixer and add yeast.  Continue adding more flour until dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl.   Knead for 6 minutes and remove from bowl.  Divide into two piece.  Roll out into circles and place on parchment paper.  Let rise for 10 to 15 minutes.  Take the remaining garlic head and squeeze garlic out and add 1/3 cup olive oil and smash.  With fingers, poke dents into top of the dough.  Drizzle garlic oil with garlic over both doughs.   Sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh herbs is desired.  Place on hot 450 degree pizza stone.   Bake until a nice golden brown.  Remove and enjoy.