The Perfect Tri Tip

The Perfect Tri Tip

I have to say I am a meat lover.  I love my grains, but I do also love meat.  And like all foods it needs to be an experience.  By that I mean, so often we just eat to eat without the enjoyment of what we are eating.  Some of that has to do with the fact that a lot of our foods are seasoned poorly.   

A few years ago my brother called me and informed me about smoking meats.  Right I thought, I had tried that before without success.  I am not one to stand hours and babysit a fire to control the smoke.  To be fair, I totally admire those that do and it is an art that I totally respect.  I followed my brothers advice (Brent) and purchased a smoker.  One that allows you to add the pellets and set the temperature and leave.   I love that.  Smoking has become a wonderful hobby,  from ribs to steaks,  and turkey to chicken wings, I love smoking.  

My Rocky Mountain Steak Blend really should be called Smoker Blend.  It is perfect for smoking.  The base is a smoked cherry wood salt and wow the flavors are amazing.  For my Tri Tip I just rub the entire piece of meat all over with the blend and set it on the rack in the smoker and smoke it for four hours.  I take it off the smoker and let it rest before slicing.  It’s heaven.  Thank you Brent for the tip on the smoker and the tip of buying and smoking Tri Tip.  (Have you taken my advice and used my blend yet??)

Happy Smoking, 

Chef Brad~Wanna be expert smoker