Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends

Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends

I am passionate about flavor and fresh herbs and spices for cooking. I have found that it is the first taste of food that our families and friends put in their mouths that determine if they are going to like what we cooked. If the seasonings are old and flavorless, that first impression is going to be off. If they are fresh and pop the taste buds, the first impression is amazing and you will come off as a culinary expert.

Most of us save herbs and spices for years. We are frugal and want to save money, but did you know that you should rotate your herbs and spices at least yearly? I have a practice that I do to make sure my spices are always fresh. About once a year, I take out all the oversized containers of things I have purchased that are getting old, as well as any I’m not really using. Then I place them all in a bowl and add brown sugar and  mix them up. This creates my own rubs that I often give this out as gifts.

Fresh spices are essential for a great culinary experience. I wanted to create blends that are packed with flavor. Blends that are unique and excite the imagination and really add to your recipes.
Chef Brad’s Culinary Blends are truly amazing. Each one is unique, and I promise you will love them. I have eight different blends to start my collection, and I will be adding new blends when ever I feel inspired to create. I will feature these blends in recipes on the blog so you will learn how to use them. They are versatile it so many ways. For example the Rocky Mountain Steak Blend is great on steaks, but I have used it on smoked tri-tip with great success. I was also totally amazed at how great it was as flavoring in my ground beef for tacos. So don’t be afraid to be creative.

Flavoring is essential to creating great foods. Fresh and flavorful make the difference from mediocre to fabulous. Trust me on this one.


Chef Brad

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