Chef Brad’s Fudge

Chef Brad’s Fudge

Before I give you the Fudge Recipe I want to share with you my feelings and philosophy of enjoying the holiday season.

One of the reasons I love eating grains is the fiber that they provide. I have learned that when we eat a diet high in fiber our bodies can handle enjoying the holidays more. The problem comes from eating bad all year, and when the holiday season comes bad goes to worse and we end up gaining weight. I have found that if I maintain my diet of lots of fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, I gain minimal weight this time of year. Past years I would dread the holiday season knowing that I would put on extra pounds and it was because my eating habits were bad to start with. So having said that, I will now share with you my favorite fudge recipe and some tricks to having your fudge always turn out. 



I have fond memories of fudge. I love a good solid fudge. Not the watery flavorless ones or the sugary grain fudges that seem to haunt the holiday season. It’s funny how certain memories can dictate our taste and fondness of certain foods. Growing up in a small mountain community there were some great fudge makers. My family had a few, one cousin in particular was an extraordinary candy maker. My dad could hardly wait each year for her creations. She was amazing.

When I grew up I tried making fudge and failed every time for years. I finally gave up, not realizing just what I was doing wrong. Years later in a position that required me to make fudge, and it turned out perfect. I was amazed. I learned the number one thing I had done wrong was using cheap pans to cook in. When I succeeded I realized it was because I was using a heavy thick pot that did not burn the fudge every time. That was my problem before, I was using cheap Kmart style cookware. Now I own special pots for my candy making and I only use them for candy making.

As in all baking, cooking, creating, in the kitchen, quality equipment and quality ingredients are the key to success. For Fudge making I have my pots and my WonderMix Revolution Mixer, combined with real butter, organic sugar, real vanilla and good chocolates and nuts, fudge is perfection. I make pound and pounds of fudge each year. It is my go to Christmas giveaway treat. With this formula you can create many many different varieties of fudge for your holiday season. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


Chef Brad’s Fudge Recipe

I love fudge and this is the perfect recipe, easy and oh so tasty.  


8oz pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips-Good quality

2 cups heath bar toffee pieces with chocolate

13oz jar marshmallow cream

2 cups nuts

2 teaspoons vanilla

½ pound butter

4 ½ cups sugar

12oz can evaporated milk


Place in the WonderMix bowl the marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, heath bar pieces, nuts and vanilla. Use cookie paddles for this method.

In a large non stick pan or heavy stainless steel pan, melt the butter, sugar, and evaporated milk. Stir constantly over high heat until mixture starts to boil, drop heat to medium and cook for exactly 9 minutes, starting the time when it comes to a complete boil.

After 9 minutes Pour hot mixture over mixture in bowl. Turn on mixture with cookie paddles and mix thoroughly. Pour onto a greased cookie sheet or whatever pans you are using. Allow to cool completely before cutting into squares.


*For a white chocolate fudge, replace the chocolate chips with white chocolate chips and use plain toffee pieces

*For orange fudge add 4 to 6 drops orange essential oil

*For milk chocolate fudge use milk chocolate chip and walnuts

*For a fun fudge add dried cranberries, coconut, pistachios and your choice of chocolate.